The Face behind the brand


Hi there, I'm Melodie, the silly face behind SlinkyLinks, sophisticated and  eco-friendly leather jewellery.

Originally from Paris, I moved to London in 2008 to pursue a more creative path. With a Master's degree in Psychology, I started working as a User Experience Designer for a few years  before I decided that my passion laid in the making of physical things rather than computer based products. After a lot of thinking into what to do next, I turned towards an old passion of mine, SHOES.

I trained in shoe design and shoemaking and worked for a shoemaker for a couple of years before getting the idea of making leather jewellery and stating my own brand.

SlinkyLinks: the Story

SlinkyLinks was born in 2013 from the  desire to create beautiful things from unwanted materials. All my designs are made using 100% reclaimed leather without compromising on quality or look.  

After training as a shoemaker, I realised how much leather was wasted in the making process. I hate waste, especially when it comes at such a price so I put a plan into action to use leather scraps for the greater good. That's when I started making jewellery, using the bits and pieces I found in the workshop. It was just a hobby at first but soon became a real passion and an opportunity for me to develop my own band  and vision.

I started collecting various leather scraps, first from my old job, then collaborating with other leather workers. This gives me access to a lot of different leather colours and texture and add richness to my designs.

The vision behind SlinkyLinks is to create fashionable, versatile and glamorous statement jewellery using unwanted pieces of leather. Being eco-conscious shouldn't have to mean  compromising on looks and SlinkyLinks designs are proof that you can come up with a  luxurious feel even when using recycled  materials. To help translate my vision, I use high quality chains and links such as sterling silver, 14K gold-filled  but also  stainless steel and good quality brass to keep prices low without compromising on standards.

A new adventure: SlinkyHome

Since late 2016, I have started making beautiful home decor.  Interior  decoration has always been a  hobby of  mine and  I love anything design related so it I  guess this was always going to be my next step.

I work mostly with copper pipes and jesmonite, a water-based resin.

All  the objects I create are lavish but also practical. From desk tidy to jewellery holder, they are here to add style to the everyday.

My process



I design, cut and assemble all of my jewellery from my garden shed in East London.

I can find inspiration from various sources: nature, fashion, a shape, a colour... but I usually start from a piece a leather.  Because I work only with leather scraps, I need to be clever about the way I use my material. I need to get the most out of each piece and work out how many of each design I can make.





I work with an array of cutting tools, always looking  for the best way to use as must leather as I can, reducing waste and improving  speed. 

I like to find new and innovative ways to work with leather while using recurring shaped in my designs.

My Little Helpers

I wouldn't have been able to engage in this wonderful journey without the help and support of my boyfriend Blaise and my furry cat Fudge. I'm thankful for the long hours spent helping me at markets, setting up website and social media and of course ...sitting on my tools.