Little statement leather necklace - inspired by birds

Little statement leather necklace - inspired by birds


These fun and colourful leather necklaces are inspired by bird.

I hand-cut bits of different leather to imitate the beautiful plumage of various birds.

Here we have: Blue Jay, Anna's hummingbird, Gouldian Finch, Budgie, Superb starling, Cock of the rock, Flamingo, Guinea fowl, Robin, Parrot, Canary, Cardinal, Crow, Dove.

Choose from our collection of birds or send me a picture of your favourite one and I'll turn it into a necklace.

This necklace is available in stainless steel, allergy free


Necklace: 43cm

Weight: 40g

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• Look
These bird necklaces are a smaller version of our statement bird necklace. 
For this collection, I was inspired by birds. The way the move, the way light reflects on their feathers.
Very distinctive and unique, these leather necklaces are a fresh, contemporary and colorful and will look great on any outfit.

• Material
These lightweight statement necklaces is made of hand-cut leather feathers, attached together by jump rings to a thin chain.
A lobster clasp is used to fasten the necklace.
The necklace is available in stainless steel, allergy free.

• Measurements
Necklace size around the neck is : 43cm (16 in) with 2cm (1in) of adjustable rings

I design, cut and assemble all of my items from my London flat, using good quality reclaimed leather.
I only work from leather cast-offs that, reclaimed mostly from the footwear industry but also from collaboration with other UK-based designers.

I love working on custom orders, so if you have an idea, would like a piece customised to you, a longer or shorter size, a different colour, please get in touch!

• I send all jewellery in a pretty white box with tissue paper. If this is a gift, let me know and I can add a personalised message inside the box for you.
• Everything in my shop is handmade to order and will be sent within 5 days. Please let me know if you are in a hurry and I will do my best to speed up the process.
• Items will be shipped by First Class Post within the U.K, and via regular Airmail to everywhere else. If you wish, you can upgrade to the “sign for “option at extra cost when you check out. 

• Leather is quite tough but to prevent tears or marks avoid wetting your jewellery. Always take it off when taking a shower or washing your hands. 
• In time, if not store properly your jewellery might lose its shape a little. You can iron it back to shape: iron on the suede side of the leather with the iron on quite hot.
• I use good quality metal hardware for the jewellery but in time you might notice some tarnishing. The best way to avoid it is to keep your jewellery in air tight bags, preventing oxidation. If you do notice some tarnishing, clean metals with a soft cloth and polish lotion.

SlinkyLinks Jewellery is home to bold, elegant and sensual designs, made of leather. I design, cut and make all the jewellery myself from my London flat. By introducing a lot of patent leather in my designs, I managed to create a sophisticated and versatile look made with modern woman in mind. Each piece can easily agreement your day to day wardrobe as well as your most extravagant party outfits. 

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